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The Distress Signals of S.O.S.

The obesity epidemic has led to the goal of dieting and watching the number on the scale, but this should not be our focus. The goal is to maximize your Metabolism naturally, creating a truly healthy body and watching the number on the scale follow. This should have been the goal from the beginning.

This sequence is accomplished by understanding the barriers of reaching this maximum metabolic rate that defines the speed at which you repair, heal, and utilize the energy your body has stored.

These barriers are stressors that you may be unaware of, but it is a combination of stressors- known and unknown- that cause your symptoms. I call it the distress signal of S.O.S



S - Stress (known and unknown)

This includes your obvious stress that I do not need to tell you about, because most people are well aware of this stress in their lives.

Your unknown stress could be coming from examples such as;

Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin Toxicity

Infections or Colonization of the GI Tract with Pathogens


Hormone Imbalances

Thyroid suppression or Autoimmune Disease

Low Immunity

O - Overloading Carbs/Sugar

Carbs and Sugar are one in the same to me. This overloading can occur without you realizing it, from either being unaware of the two being counted the same, or from you not digesting well because of the Stress that turned off your digestion. This lack of ability to properly digest will cause your body to absorb all of the sugar from your meal, leaving the two other necessary Building Blocks ( Protein and Fat ) behind, regardless of how balanced it may have been. This excess SUGAR turns into FAT on the body.

S - Starvation

Starvation should be obvious, but I see it every day. This can occur due to cutting calories too tight, not eating enough to support your daily demands, or, once again, you are not digesting well. All forms of starvation results in your body not benefiting from the total consumption of Protein, Carb, and Fat (The Bountiful Guideline) because of the suppression of digestion.


All of these stressors can and will turn off metabolism. Understanding how you are suppressing your metabolism through your food choices will help you to change those choices, subsequently boosting your metabolism. It may be that you are currently lowering your metabolism through a 'diet' that claims to help to improve it.

YOU have to be the one to learn how to make better choices and it really comes down to REAL food - not manipulated, not processed, not altered in any way from the Bountiful Food we were GIVEN to eat as gifts from nature. This food, in a balance way outlined by the Bountiful Guideline, creates a healthy metabolism and a healthy body and the right weight.

Going in the opposite direction by goaling weight loss first will work against you for these reasons. It is all based in SCIENCE.

Just eat real food in a balance I teach through the Bountiful Guideline and free yourself from the number on a scale.

And always remember, NEVER eat alone,

Dr. Wendy

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