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What is an Intolerance?

Intolerance vs. Hypersensitivity vs. Allergy

So whats the difference?

When someone says they are allergic to gluten or shrimp, how is that different than the others?

Bacteria and viruses are large proteins that never belong in your blood. This is where your immunity plays a role. Immunity is built for your protection to keep all foreign bacteria or viruses out or kill them if they reach the blood. Large undigested proteins such as grains and dairy can be read as these bacteria or viruses because they "look' the same and the body will attack with the same vigilance. These foods may be undigested because of the Stress that creates the digestive tract to be suppressed and therefore, the breakdown of these proteins is not prioritized.

Your first line of defense against these foreign proteins is your gut lining and skin.

The Immunoglobulin protecting you that lines the nasal cavity all the way down through the gut is called IgA, If it is doing what it is supposed to do, it will not allow foreign proteins to enter. This profile defines Intolerance and if positive in the lab results, it translates as never being able to recognize these proteins as safe to enter. Genetically this can be the case, so this is where Gliadin or Gluten Intolerance is defined. However, if the integrity of the lining of the gut is compromised from chronic stress (The Distress Signals of S.O.S.) then it may not be able to protect you from the foreign proteins crossing the lining of your gut into your blood. This creates an intense immune response caused by the immunity of the blood called Immunoglobulin G (IgG).

At this point, your IgG kicks in to do the job. It is supposed to kill anything that enters the blood stream that it does not recognize as "YOU". So, in order to protect you, it will attack. The twist here is that YOU are made of proteins and this immune system will sometimes get confused on what is foreign, resulting in the attack of some of your own proteins which can create an autoimmune disease or intense inflammation. This is a Hypersensitivity profile. You are not allergic to these proteins, you are becoming Hypersensitive to them. In order to stop this reaction, you must remove as much of the foreign protein as possible. This translates into most of the food issues I see, leading to the creation of any sign or symptom based on your personal DNA, which I call your Genetic Road-Map. This Genetic Road-Map is unchangeable; YOU are the only one that has control of what sends you on that path controlled by S.O.S.

Your Immunoglobulin E (IgE) mediates and Allergy profile and is the typical profile measured in traditional medicine when looking for a specific reaction. I see this often as well without the typical allergy response of drainage or hives. These allergies can contribute to the overall health and metabolism because they are stressors that may be under the radar of detection due to the absence of typical symptoms. This is why I measure all of these different Immune Systems ( IgA, IgG, and IgE), so I don't miss any possible threats.

By this approach, I am able to teach YOU how and why some of these signs and symptoms and ultimate disease states occur, thus giving YOU the power of taking the wheel. The more you learn, the better YOU can achieve your goals of a truly healthy metabolism so that you can more forward towards fitness.

And always remember, NEVER eat alone,

Dr. Wendy

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