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Piano Lessons and Nutrition

When I was a young girl I took many piano lessons over a six year period from several different teachers. I remember clearly how I was taught to play a particular song for an upcoming recital. I would practice how to play that song to be successful, so when we had the recital, I was able to show my mother the piano lessons were worth it. The problem was that I was never taught the technique or the basics behind the songs, the beautiful chords or the essential scales and arpeggios, so therefore I still don’t know how to read the music or play a single song to this day. You may be wondering how this has ANYTHING to do with the food that you are eating, but it has EVERYTHING to do with it.

You will never learn proper nutrition if you just keep learning the newest diet fad. You’re only learning that one diet… that one song. You will jump from one to the next without ever understanding the science behind why and be frustrated that you are not moving forward or that you keep coming back to the same starting position.

If someone was trying to sell you piano lessons for your 6 year old child and told you that in 30 days, 12 weeks, or ‘by summertime’ that your child would know all 36 scales -- both major and minor, harmonic and melodic; would you buy it? It sounds great and it would be wonderful if it worked, but it is just that: too good to be true. We cannot achieve this skill without commitment and diligent work over time.

The typical catch phrase in any diet is used to get your attention on FAST and EASY to obtain your goal of weight loss. This becomes the mantra and the only goal at any expense. The truth is, many of these fad diets also have side effects that are not included in your goal such as kidney damage or muscle wasting. When we are not properly taught the basics and are forced to memorize only one detail, we will soon forget that detail, be it a song or diet. Your health is an investment. When you fine-tune your nutrition, you unleash your metabolism for greatness!

I am here to change the way you look at and think about food. I want to start a conversation where the word diet is no longer needed -- by truly learning the science behind why you have a poor metabolic rate and teach you how to turn it back on. This is not achieved through calorie restriction, excessive exercise, or cutting out any of the major food groups: Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats - NEVER EAT ALONE.

My team consists of a Registered Dietician, Food Scientist, a dedicated office staff who all understand the goal, and myself as a Physician with a combined experience of over 35 years. We believe in instructing and equipping you, as a team effort, with the tools to change your previous school-of-thought about food forever. If we can thoroughly teach you the basics, then one day you can write your own song.

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